Tech bellwether IIT Kanpur farming startups!

Virendra Singh Rawat
Lucknow / Oct 8, 2018
The premier Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) is slowly transforming into a virtual nursery of startups with its different departments emphasising on promoting innovative business ideas from concepts to market ready products.


While, IIT-K already houses a successful SIDBI-backed incubation centre, the Institute contributes in other several many ways to mentor prospective entrepreneurs and fuel the rising startup culture in India. It is partnering with other organisations and knowledge centres to handhold green horns in the startup universe.


Today, IIT-K launched a short-term residential course titled ‘Innovative Product, Design Development & Entrepreneurship’ in collaboration with Quality Improvement Program & NRDC-IIT-K-Innovation Facilitation Centre to train about 40 participants from 8 different states.


The course is meant to enhance the understanding of innovative product development, conversion of an idea to a prototype and translating the same into end product through entrepreneurship. Besides, the course will help participants develop a minimum of one prototype each at the Imagineering lab of IIT Kanpur.


The course is not limited to technical information and includes sessions on soft skills including the aspects of leadership, team management and interpersonal skills. The participants will be trained in design manufacturing, fundamentals of design, prototype development, form aesthetics, IPR training and modalities of startups progression.


Recently, Kanpur-based startup HelpUsGreen, which converts flowers collected from religious places into biodegradable products, had received the United Nations Young Leaders Award. Founded in May 2015, the startup was jointly incubated by Tata Trusts’ Social Alpha and IIT-K.

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