IIT Kanpur develops miniature nasal filter

Virendra Singh Rawat
Lucknow / Oct 18, 2018
To combat growing pollution and resultant respiratory diseases, an innovative nasal filter has been developed at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K).


While the market is already inundated with air filters, the new product is unique, since it works both at the micro and nano scale for filtering pollutants from entering the human respiratory system.


The filter comprises micro-pillars, that traps larger pollutants at 10-6 scale including the PM 2.5 particles. Besides, it also consists of nano-mats to trap smaller particles which are of 10-9 size. The project was led by Ravi Pandey and Santosh Pramanik.


Unlike existing filters, this device does not require any face strap and/or insertion of the filter into the nostrils. Instead, it is held in place by a strip of silicon which affixes, without any irritation, to the mask wearer’s skin.


This filter is also antibacterial with the internal grooving and cavity of the device having been designed to hold 70% ethyl alcohol gel for continuous sensitisation of internal housing of nasal filter from growing bacteria.


Meanwhile, the inventors have filed an Indian patent application titled ‘Antibacterial Nanotechnology Based Nasal Air Filter for Breathing’. They are also in talks with investors to launch this technology in the commercial market as well.

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